Selected Publications

Flaunt Magazine - Porn Production, Hardcore Hoarding, and Family Values in New ‘Circus of Books’ Documentary

Flaunt Magazine - Daniel Avery & Alessandro Cortini ‘Illusion of Time’

Flaunt Magazine - Claude Rutault ‘Where Life Cycling Means Following the Rules’

Flaunt Magazine - Omari Hardwick ‘Prey Poetics, and an Ocean Expanse’

Flaunt Magazine - Anne Imhof ‘A Fast-Track Wormhole into Post-Millennial Unease?’

Flaunt Magazine - Connor Tingley ‘Hit the Home Button Thrice, Now Everything’s Nice’

Flaunt Magazine - Florian Maier-Aichen ‘Is It Toxic, Or Just Imminent?’

Office Magazine - BEA1991 ‘Food for Thought’

Flaunt Magazine - Helen Pashgian ‘Epoxy resin ages, and then it doesn’t’ 

Office Magazine - Meet Men I Trust

i-D Magazine - 10 Things You Should Check Out At Frieze L.A.

i-D Magazine - The Making of L.A.’s First Frieze Fair

i-D Magazine - Unity Press & Skateboards Put On A Group Art Show By And For QTPOC Skaters

Autre Magazine - Jonny Negron ‘A Small Map of Heaven’ 

AQNB - “Immortalize Your Club Memories: Private Selection with Florian Kupfer on the value of paper party flyers and seizing the means of promotion”

Autre Magazine - Greg Ito ‘Hallowed Ground’ 

Berlin Art Link - Studio Visit w/ Vanessa Prager 

Berlin Art Link - Smart Textiles w/ Raj Bhakta

Berlin Art Link - Alvin Loving ‘Spiral Play: Loving in the ‘80s’

Berlin Art Link - Interview w/ Aaron Moulton

Berlin Art Link - Theaster Gates ‘But To Be a Poor Race’

Berlin Art Link - Art Los Angeles Contemporary 2017